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 a t t i k a   fireplaces are inspiring because they are the product of a passionate and ambitious team. They carry the distinctive signature of our designers as well as the quality seal for climate protection and sustainability.
 a t t i k a   fireplaces have been awarded design prizes in Germany and the USA alike and are protected by copyright. Special property rights are registered for individual models.

Our complete current programme of  a t t i k a  Fire Culture 2011 is presented for you in our 900 square metre showroom in central Switzerland. Compare at your leisure, get information and advice and choose the a t t i k a  model that matches your requirements and your individual lifestyle.

Unique technology

The puristic gas fireplaces from   a t t i k a   open up completely new dimensions in fireplace design. They are operated with natural gas or bottle gas, manually or by remote control. You can’t tell the difference between them and a cosy wood fire. Brilliant!

Strong sense of space

Cheminée Pure is a flexible system whose varying dimensions follow the architecture of your living space. Virtually frameless ceramic glass offers a perfect view of the interplay of flames. Behind this, attika fuel technology guarantees combustion that is low in pollutants and particulate matter but high in energy efficiency.

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